Diary of a Spy 2022

2022, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Diary of a Spy 2022

Title:- Diary of a Spy 2022
Directors: Adam Christian Clark
Writers: Adam Christian Clark
Cast: Madeline Zima, Tamara Taylor, Susan Sullivan
Genre: Films 2022 | Drama, Mystery, Romance
Rating: 5.2/10
Synopsis: Diary of a Spy 2022 is written and directed by Adam Christian Clark. The story is based on Anna is a former intelligence officer of which the most recent mission resulted in the deaths of seven people. Drunk, penniless, and alone, she is given one last mission: woo and acquire a valuable asset connected to the Saudi Royal Family. As she gets closer to her goal, Anna realises she is in over her mind and must choose between completing her mission and finding a way to save herself. Diary of a Spy is based on true events, though Clark has stated that he cannot elaborate further due to the confidential nature of the story on which it is based. With the search bar, you can find every a movie or TV shows on the Lookmovie streaming site.