Shut In 2022

2022, Thriller
Shut In 2022

Title:- Shut In 2022
Directors: D.J. Caruso
Writers: Melanie Toast
Cast: Rainey Qualley, Jake Horowitz, Luciana VanDette
Genre: Films 2022 | Thriller
Rating: 6.1/10
Synopsis: Shut In 2022 is about Jessica is a recovered drug addict and mother of two kids, toddler daughter Lainey and infant boy Mason, who have been living in her mother’s house since rehab but are now being forced to sell owing to inability to pay property taxes. When Jessica is imprisoned in her pantry by her abusive ex-boyfriend Rob and his paedophile pal Sammy, she must try to flee before her children are harmed. Sam, a child molester, shows up high, confronts Jessica by locking her in the pantry. Now that her children are still in the house with Rob and Sam, Jessica must find a method to free them before the worst comes. With the help of LookMovie, you can easily browse your favorite movies and Tv shows.